What's OK + Not OK for Shinobu to eat

Basically, Shinobu believes she will take care of animals when she grows up. She said that she will be caring for animals when she grows up (ex. feeding seals, being a vet, etc.), so she prefers not to eat animals if she is supposed to take care of them eventually. This could be a phase or it could be a serious request. Regardless, we are happy to support her (this actually also gets her to try more veggies!).

Here is some general guidance on what is OK or NOT OK for Shinobu to eat. These are all requests based on discussions with Shinobu. You are free to ask her what she prefers and doesn’t prefer. You’re free to challenge her as well! If she’s serious, she should learn how to advocate for what she wants to eat.

What’s OK for Shinobu to eat:

  • Katsuo dashi (bonito flakes) broth

  • Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt)

  • Eggs

  • Generally (aside from the katsuo), if an animal did not have to give their life, she is fine eating whatever it is

What’s NOT OK for Shinobu to eat:

  • Any meat (ex. chicken, pork, beef, fish, seafood, game meat, etc.)

  • Soup stocks made with meat (ex. chicken stock). The exception is katsuo dashi broth.