Japanese Curry w. Coconut Milk

By adding coconut milk to the base, the curry becomes much more mild and easier for Shinobu to eat.



  • Curry roux (If you get a packaged roux, try and use the Mild flavor and be sure to read the ingredients on the back of the box. Many tend to have meat as an ingredient! If you’d like to make your own homemade roux, here’s a recipe on Just One Cookbook)

  • Coconut Milk (Coconut milk makes the curry milder and a bit sweeter for Shinobu.)

  • Dashi broth

  • Vegetables of choice. Suggestions: onion, carrot, kabocha, mushroom, corn nibblets. You can also add mashed and strained tofu for added protein. Keeping it simple (no more than 3 vegetables) tends to yield a tastier curry. You might also want to consider adding legumes like white beans, kidney beans or chickpeas to make sure she’s getting enough protein.

  • Garlic (optional)

  • Tip: If you are eating this with rice, then be sure to prepare your rice in advance since it takes the longest to cook.


  1. Saute your garlic and onion.

  2. Add in your dashi broth and coconut milk and bring it to a medium boil. I like to use more coconut milk than dashi broth (like a 60/40 ratio or even 70/30 ratio depending on my mood and the weather).

  3. Add in vegetables. Cover pot and let that cook for a little bit.

  4. Next, add in curry roux and let that thicken to a consistency you like. Let this simmer until the vegetables have started to adopt the flavors nicely.

  5. Serve over rice or with bread.