Hello Haruka & Ayako. Below, you will find the schedule for Shinobu and I for November 12-16th. Please take time to review all the information.

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Monday, November 12

3:00pm: Pick-up Shinobu from Waldorf
No Aozora Gakuen today

Shinobu to stay with Ayako and Haruka overnight.
• Mari will be teaching at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan this evening.
• Please make her lunch for Tuesday, November 13th.

Tuesday, November 13

8:25am: Drop-off Shinobu at Waldorf
3:00pm: Pick-up Shinobu from Waldorf

NOTE: Mari will be home around 7:30pm this evening. Happy to take Shinobu after 7:30pm.

Wednesday, November 14

8:25am: Drop-off Shinobu at Waldorf
3:00pm: Pick-up Shinobu from Waldorf

Thursday, November 15

8:25am: Drop-off Shinobu at Waldorf
3:00pm: Pick-up Shinobu from Waldorf

Shinobu to stay with Ayako and Haruka overnight.
• Mari is speaking on a panel at an alumni event this evening and not home until late.
• Please make her lunch for Friday, November 16th.

Friday, November 16

8:25am: Drop-off Shinobu at Waldorf
Haruka & Ayako drive back to MA after drop-off (Maki will pick-up Shinobu at 3pm)


Address: 11 Jefferson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Drop-off time: 8:25am
Pick-up time: 3:00pm
NOTE: You will most likely need to double-park the car, but don’t worry. It’s a quiet street!

If you will be late, please call the front desk at: (718) 783-3270 

Shinobu’s Head Teacher: Ms. Gillian
Assistant teacher: Ms. Lily

Shinobu’s classroom is Kindergarten East with Ms. Gillian. The room is located on the 2nd floor. You may need to press the buzzer to get into the building, although most of the time there are plenty of other parents coming in and out of the building who will hold the door open for you. When you arrive, you can speak to the person at the front desk and they can help direct you. You can also just ask Shinobu and she will guide you to her room!

What to pack everyday:
- Lunch:
We are supposed to prepare a lunch everyday for Shinobu. I am happy to make lunch for her everyday, or we can call one another to plan who will be in charge of making lunch for her.
- Water bottle
If it’s cold outside, please make sure she is wearing layers (sweater and coat) and please pack gloves and a hat in her backpack. The children play outdoors everyday, rain or shine.

For the mornings you are picking up Shinobu in the morning from my apartment, please arrive at 8:05am. You do not need to come earlier. Shinobu and I are always rushing to get out the door so there’s no point in arriving before 8:05am. The drive from my apartment to Waldorf is quite easy and quick. It generally takes less than 15 minutes to drive to the school.

Please use this backpack for
Brooklyn Waldorf.



This is the Japanese Saturday school.

Address: 314 Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Drop-off time: 9:15am
Pick-up time: 12:15pm for Regular Days and 2:00pm for Extended Days

If you will be absent or late, please email: renraku@bjafa.org

Shinobu’s Teacher: Nozomi Nakashima
Shinobu’s Classroom: Room 211. This is located on the 2nd floor. You can ask people at the front desk if you are not sure how to get there.
Class name: ふくろう (Owl class); Kindergarten

Please use this backpack for
Brooklyn Nihongo Gakuen.



Currently Shinobu is taking a hiragana class (Hiragana 2) in the After School Program on Mondays.

Address: 535 Clinton Ave 2nd Floor, Suite 2, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Shinobu’s Teacher: Hiromi-sensei

Contact Number: (347) 721-3521 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or text me: 310-916-6626

1023 Carroll Street, Apt 4C
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Maki will be picking up Shinobu on some days every week. Please take a look at the schedule to see what days she is scheduled. She and I will correspond to coordinate if Shinobu will end up at my apartment or with you for each of those evenings. Maki will also help Shinobu complete her homework for Brooklyn Nihongo Gakuen so you do not need to worry about it. I will handle paying her for her hours, so you do not need to pay her for anything.

In general, I am happy to take Shinobu any evening I am available. If I don’t have any evening plans, I tend to get home between 5:45-6:00pm. We can speak daily and figure out arrangements.

I will be sure to alert you promptly with any changes to the schedule. Thank you!

There is a white scoop in each of the bags. You just need 1 scoop of the dehydrated powder and 1 scoop of the hard kibble per meal. Please feed Miki 2 times per day.
1. First, mix the dehydrated powdered food with water until it is like the consistency of oatmeal. Please do this before adding the hard kibble. Tip: Using warm water reacts more quickly than cold water.
2. Next, add the hard kibble and mix it in.